Western Association
of Travel Agencies

Membership Categories

As a co-operative corporation, WESTA’s member agencies are the owners of the organization. This is where the real difference between WESTA and other agency groups come into play. Of course, WESTA members earn higher point of sale commissions with a great selection of suppliers. But in addition to these commissions, WESTA members earn their share of the quarterly and annual bonuses earned through the groups sales of the preferred suppliers. This may be an unfamiliar topic for many agencies, as these funds are generally kept by most agency groups, but it represents a significant amount of additional revenue. In addition, ownership also entitles the agency to a share of the profits of the organization; again funds ordinarily not distributed by most agency groups.

To purchase an ownership share in the organization, each agency pays a one time $600 fee. This fee can be paid for in one of two ways. Agencies can simply purchase the share at the time they join and then would immediately begin earning the bonuses and profit shares noted above. Alternatively, agencies can choose to become a member without purchasing the ownership share. In this case, WESTA will “bank” the bonuses and profit shares generated by the agency until the point were these funds purchase the ownership share for the agency. From this point forward, bonus and profit share credits would be credited to the agency’s account.

Each year, WESTA members are billed $500 in dues. For new members, this fee is prorated based on the date they join. For agencies who have purchased their ownership share, either directly or through the usage of their bonuses, this bill is offset by the profit share and bonuses and the remaining funds are distributed to the agency by check at the end of the year. In 2014, the average WESTA member credit was nearly $2,500 so, as you can see, WESTA’s unique structure adds an additional revenue stream to your agency.

No other agency group has a membership category offering 100% payback on bonuses earned by your agency. Do the math, even a single percentage point of the sales with one of your larger suppliers could equate to thousands of dollars in your pocket.